Useful Things You Must Know Before Wax


Wax for Smooth and Glowing Skin

Waxing is growing in popularity as the depilatory technique of choice. Hence, those people considering waxing need knowledge of essential facts to make informed choices. A smooth, soft and glowing skin is a dream of every woman and that is why they try different things and methods for it, but one shouldn’t be panic if results are not up to the mark. Before you choose to wax over the other conventional hair removal methods, consider these things.

Methods for Doing Wax

The Available Waxing Options

The first option is hard waxing (or strip-less waxing). For this, people apply molten wax to the areas they desire to remove the hair from, after that allowing the wax to cool.  The solidified wax is then quickly removed by hand, coming out with hair attached to it. This technique does not necessitate the employment of strips or clothes to peel off the wax. Consequently, it is not only less painful, but is also ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

The second option, strip waxing, involves covering of the molten wax applied on the skin with a strip of cloth or paper. When quickly removed, the strip will come off with the wax adhering to it along with the hair attached to the wax. Strip waxing is more painful as compared to hard waxing.

Cost Implications

The products applied for waxing can be costly depending on both quality and waxing technique adopted by the user. Moreover, you may require an esthetician adding to the financial implications. Likewise, care for the skin after waxing also adds to the funds needed for waxing.

Effect Of Ongoing Medications

The medication an individual is taking for their health or skin care may contraindicate the choice of Waxing for body hair removal. To avoid adverse reactions, you should seek expert advice to ensure the safety of the individual during and after waxing.

Sensitive Areas of The Body

Though one can do waxing all over the body, you should never wax some sensitive areas, or if necessary, do so guided by professionals. For instance, you should never wax the eyelids and eyelashes.

Aftereffects of Waxing

One must also consider the effect waxing has on the skin before choosing this option. Waxing is painful (the degree varying dependent on technique and the person waxing). Furthermore, it causes skin irritation, may hinder the application of make-up and hamper activities such as sex for a while. Because you must care for your skin after waxing, the clothing you wear and the soaps and lotions you use will vary.


Tips to Get Better Results After Wax

Home wax kit

Considering wax at home can keep your skin away from bacteria that you may have at a salon.

Salon Section

Choose trustworthy saloon. It should be neat and clean.

Product preferences

Select your product according to your skin sensitivity. Such as drying products.


Do not make an appointment if you are assuming to have a period.

Feel less pain

Small areas such as eyebrows and armpit need to be numb before waxing.

Workout after wax

Straight away go for a workout after wax can spread bacteria to your newly smooth skin.

Doctor’s aid

If wax hurts more than 24 hours, then you may seek doctor’s attentions.

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