Why Would Warm up Exercises be Important for Athletes

Importance of Warm-up for Athletes It is always a handy approach for athletes to make the body warm before engaging in particular sports that will surely help them to prevent from different injuries. The purpose of warming up is to get the body ready for the main workout to increase the blood flow, increase in neural activity, metabolic adjustments, and the opening number of capillaries in the muscles. It is recommended to manage 5 to 10 minutes to warm up properly. Otherwise, you will not perform at your full potential. Results that come from a good warm-up can be seen almost immediately. Types of Warm up There are two types of warm up that are “General” and “Specific” warm up. General Warm up:  This type of warm up is useful for the whole body functions to perform excellently because of loosening joints, increased blood circulation and flexing muscles. Specific Warm up: It is a sports-specific warm up that means you give a priority to engage only those muscles which will use during upcoming activity.

Why should We do Warm up Exercises?

Look at these benefits of warming up:
  • Increase muscle contraction rates
  • Boost up an electrical activity of muscles
  • Raises muscle strength
  • Reduce injuries
Warm up Exercises You can add stretches for general warmup but as we know there are 3 types of stretching that are blastic, dynamic and static stretches. You should carefully add a proper stretching type before working out. Start with the neck and work your way down to the ankles and toes of your body. Stretch and mobilize every muscle and tendon on the way down. The movements are there to get the “blood flowing”. Keep Moving The next exercises to warm your body up. These exercises are considered lateral squats, hand walking using the ball, lunges, and others. To keep your body relaxed and mobile during the exercises you can do some splits, try not to overdo it the adductors are must be warmed. Jump A simple exercise that will have an immense impact on the warming up consists of jumping the rope. Go easy and keep a mild tempo for about 5 minutes and the effect is assured. The heartbeat rate and the body temperature will go up so you will be ready for the workout. Ankles Problems arise when ankles do not get enough attention during warm-ups and workouts. Sit on the floor and place your right ankle over your left knee, with your left-hand start rotating the foot so your ankle will begin to warm up, do it in both directions for about 30 seconds then switch legs. Knee Reaching This is a necessary warm-up movement. It will involve the entire body, and you will benefit from the extension that knees, ankles, hips, and arms get while doing it. This sprint will get the heart pumping and the body ready for your workout. Read more: the purpose of dynamic warm-up

Precautions for Warm-up Exercises

It is a great tool for an athlete as it gives him the boost which is needed for a successful workout. There are times when this great thing may turn bad, not going all the way with the warm-up may cause problems. There are many bad warmups that may relax the muscles and lower the power output. Do not fall for the treadmill trap, a few minutes on the treadmill are by no means enough to get you into the shape you need for a proper workout. Take the consideration that different body types will need to warm up differently. Some may have reduced mobility while others may carry more muscle mass. Conclusion Although there are plenty of benefits of proper warming up a few cautions must keep in mind. Warm-up is not necessary for every sport. Too much warm-up can make you feel tired before working out for your real activity, and fatigue from early activity can decrease performance. Heavy warm-up interferes with one’s ability to perform sports skills requiring careful control. The above detail shows that warm-up exercises are an important part of every exercise program. So, why not warm up your body before engaging yourself in tough activities?

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