Why Would Warm up Exercises be Important for Athletes

Importance of Warm up for Athletes

It is a state that gives initial spark or boost to particular muscles which later involves in exercising. It considers as a brief summary of your whole workout in which your muscles are going to involve later for an hour or so. You should be well aware of the warm up importance for raising their workout performance.

Types of Warm up

There are two types of warm up that are general and specific. As the term general explain that such kind of warm up is useful for the whole body functions to perform well. While specific warm up does point out the relationship with upcoming movements. There is no doubt about in increasing working capacity with warming up.

Why Should We do Warm up Exercises?

Look at these benefits of warming up:

  • Create muscle contraction rate
  • Boost electrical activity of muscle
  • Raises muscle strength
  • Reduce injuries
  • To stay away from injuries and get the most out of every workout they need to warm up.
  • Warm up will get the body ready by increasing the body temperature, increase neural activity, warming up the joints and getting the nerves ready to go.
  • When the proper warm up is not done, there is no guarantee that injuries will not happen. By making sure, this step is not overlooked athletes will get their bodies ready. It is important to take the time to warm properly up. Otherwise, you will not perform at your full potential. Results that come from a good warm up can be seen almost immediately.
  • Neglecting warm-ups may lead to back pain, knee pain, and weak areas. This is a classic example as in nearly all of the cases the injuries could have been avoided.

The purpose of warming up mainly increases the muscle temperature, metabolic adjustments and the opening greater number of capillaries in the muscles.

Warm up According to Workouts

  • People those are engaged in power lifting get benefit from warming up.
  • People interested in endurance events can’t grab benefit from warming up.
  • Direct, warm up for moderate intensity exercise for untrained clients are not fruitful.
  • Indirect warm up such as bicycling for few minutes not directly related to any sport.

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