Why Drinking Water is Good for an Athlete Health

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Water is the most important nutrient for a body. It regulates the temperature and also helps to transport nutrients and wastage throughout the body. According to research, drinking water, about eight glasses a day was just a guideline. Water becomes the most popular drink because of its unlimited benefits. It is not only used for drinking purpose but you can also use water for thousands of other purposes such as cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. So, it is impossible to survive without using and drinking water.

People should ponder on the requirements of fluids that keep the body hydrated. It becomes necessary especially for athletes and those who engage in any physical activity. Intensity and duration of physical activities directly relate to dehydration. Hence, the athlete should think about their fluids intake level before, during and after a workout because proper fluid intake helps to increase comfort level and performance.

Requirement of Fluids During Exercise

As we all know everyone lost fluids during physical activities in the form of sweating. So, if we do not refuel our body tank. It will result in dehydration. Dehydration harms the physical performance and health. Therefore, staying hydrated during exercise is the most important thing for any athlete.

Physical  Impacts of Dehydration

These following are the physical effects on clients health while they are exercise due to dehydration

  • The progressive strain on a cardiovascular system with a rise in heart rate will hamper the performance of any athlete.
  • If an athlete is dehydrated by as little as 2 percent of body weight, performance can be impaired.
  • If dehydration is 5 percent, then it will reduce 30 percent of aerobic capacity.
  • The loss of Water about 9 – 12 percent of body weight may result in death.

Drinking Water Requirements to Avoid Dehydration

Calculate how much fluid is lost and how much individual requires extra fluid gets important for his healthy body.

  • 1 ml require for each k cal burns
  • if energy expenditure is 2000 k cal for a day, then 2000 ml water is needed as a replacement fluid.
  • During the exercise or particular event
  • If you reduce 1 kg weight, it means 1-liter water loss from your body, and you need 1.5 l water. If you drink any fluid during exercise, it also needs to be added in measuring total fluid loss.

When you feel thirsty, it means you are already in dehydration state.

For your health, drinking water is very important. The body needs nutrient in the shape of liquids, plain water, and foods. In spite of all that, your body needs the large amounts of water on a daily basis. You can become dehydrated if your water intake does not equal to your output. During strenuous exercise and in warmer climates our body loses water.

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